Don’t have a Gateway Kitty or Puppy?  Grab one and we’ll get you on the allow list for Gateway Pixels minting!

gateway Pixels Explained

We wanted to create an added utility for our holders.  So, we took an open source pixel art program and web3 enabled it!  Read below for a quick summary and some things to know before you play around with it!

Minting a gateway pixel is FREE + the price of gas.

all mints will go to our gateway pixels collection.  To support additional development, we will take 10% of secondary sales.

It’s meant to be a fun utility.  Keep it clean.  use it as a competition in your community (i.e. who can create the best pixel art?).  use your imagination.

owners of gateway kitties and gateway puppies can use it.  Also, owners of partner projects can as well (currently rich fox club and the mexicanos).

a couple thins to know

1. the initial release only allows minting of pngs from a single frame/layer.  animations or other formats may be added later.
2. Be sure to set your metadata attributes before minting in the settings. 
3. this works on desktop only.